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Upcoming changes 2016-04
« -: Април 14, 2016, 04:13:02 pm »
В близките няколко дни, очаквайте ъпдейт на сървърът.
Ъпдейта ще преустанови работата му за около час. (ще Ви информирам допълнително кога).

Ето и списък с подготвените промени.

Defense of the Ancients - The spell that trigger the achievement check, needs to be cast before setting up the variables used for the second round, otherwise the achievement will be granted to the wrong team.

Hellfire Peninsula:
   * Adds missing texts. Rescript Digging for Prayer Beads
   * Rescript Natural Remedies with all visuals and event rather than only spawning Goliathon
   * Raging Colossus will now summon Raging Shardling
   * Added missing spells to event with Earthbinder Galandria when the Earthbinder is turned in, also ensuring that the whisper takes places when quest taken from Tola'thion.
   * Respawn Shredder Parts for Outland Sucks
   * Fix How to Serve Goblins so Moh, Manni and Jakk walk out of cage and say line instead of doing nothing.
   * Script Foreman Razelcraz, Maiden of Grief, Gan''arg Sapper and Camera Shaker.
   * Script a couple of turn in events.
Bloodmyst Isle - Pathing and SAI for Bloodcursed Naga. Pathing for Lord Xiz
Northrend: Knockbackimmunity Cleanup

UtgardeKeep: Ingvar updates - Roar at start of phase two. Ingvar no longer does a weird move-jump towards his target when resurrecting. Fixed a duplicate yell on phase one end.
UtgardeKeep: Bonus Ingvar the Plunderer fixes to reset behavior. There should no longer be weirdness if a reset happens during the RP phase.
Karazhan: Implement Optional Boss Spawn
Zul'Farrak - Add pathing & formations for Sul'lithuz Sandcrawler's, Sandfury Blood Drinker's, Sandfury Shadowhunter's, Hydromancer Velratha, Sandfury Witch Doctor's. Update spawndist for several npc's & some entry's.
Professor Putricide Oozes - Immunities
Magister's Terrace: Script Kalecgos' appearance after using the Scryer's Orb
Naxxramas: Fix an edge case crash in Gothik.
TheEye: Add spell Rend to advisor Thaladred the Darkener
Deadmines: Mr. Smite's event text, and phase switching
Karazhan: Use the correct method to access Opera's side entrance door
Naxxramas: Clean-up and bug-fix
   * Maexxna: No longer packages pets and returns them to sender. Web Wrap now only targets players.
   * Heigan the Unclean: Ripped its guts out.
   * Loatheb: First spore now spawns properly after 18 seconds on 10-man (down from 36 seconds). Time between subsequent spawns is unchanged.
   * Thaddius: Instance script hacks are gone. Players no longer drop out of combat during the phase transition. Put your snacks away, this is supposed to be a tense situation!
   * Thaddius will no longer savagely punish the main tank for stepping out of melee range for a fraction of a second by turning around and ball lightning-ing someone in the face. Typically a healer. He hates healers.
   * Thaddius will instead take out his frustration on another melee range target if available by smacking them in the face with his fists. It hurts, but a Ball Lightning would've hurt more. Blame the tank.
   * Feugen and Stalagg have been re-educated to improve their patience when a new target is flying towards them. They will no longer move while Magnetic Pull targets are mid-air, which should prevent them from running off their platform while the warrior helplessly flails trying to get them back.
   * Instructor Razuvious: Razuvious has been informed that Rubik's Cubes become noticably easier to solve if you buy six-colored ones. Thus, he will no longer take out his frustration out on raid groups by throwing unsolved two-colored variants at them.
   * Death Knight Understudies will now realize that their situation is Hopeless even if they're currently mind controlled by a player. Apparently, if your situation is hopeless you take 5000% extra damage. No, that is supposed to be three zeroes.
   * Gothik the Harvester: Gothik has been schooled in proper Shadow Bolt spamming etiquette and will now take a brief pause to catch a breath and recompose himself between bolts.
   * The Four Horsemen: Will no longer stop and stare at the group sometimes when engaged instead of starting the encounter.
   * The Four Horsemen: Can no longer be affected by stun, snare and shackle (heh, yeah, you could totally shackle Baron Rivendare) effects. It's called "Four Horsemen" after all, not "Three Horsemen that never attack because their friend can't move"
   * Sapphiron: When attempting to FREEZE THE BLOOD IN YOUR VEINS... Wait, no. Wrong boss. Anyways, when freezing people into an Ice Block, Sapphiron now takes care to actually place the block on top of the frozen player, even if they were moving or jumping when the bolt hit them. Yay for positioning clarity!
   * Sapphiron: Has been sent to take multiple mandatory courses in "How to treat raid parties fairly while attempting to murder them" and will thus...
   * Sapphiron: Now properly pause after taking off to allow players to get into position before smacking them with ice bolts no longer deal damage to players inside an Ice Block while they cannot fight back.
   * Being forced to attend the courses mentioned above has led to a large amount of pent-up frustration, which Sapphiron relieves by quite forcefully flapping his wings during take-off. Players immediately below him are now properly knocked back.
   * In addition, Kel'thuzad was sick of Sapphiron's continous pouting and allowed him to make Blizzard more malicious in exchange. Blizzard will now properly spawn near players and chase them down instead of pathing randomly.
   * Also, tons of code style cleanups and hack removal that wasn't mentioned above.
Ruby Sanctum: Added combat abilities to trash mobs.
Karazhan: Hackfix the Opera event script to make Wizard of Oz actually completable.
Karazhan: Pathing for Trash
Grizzly Hills:
   * Few Updates for Grizzly Hills Giant and Runed Giant so these actually enter into combat and fight each other
   * Grizzly Hills Giants above Thor Modan will throw the occasional tree as well as boulders
   * Player texts for the Runic Prophecys

Quests Fixes
Various Quest Fixes - An end to the suffering (by me). Catching up with Brann quest linking. Valkyrion Must Burn. Free at Last.
Banshee's Revenge - Only spell issue remains
Warsong Recruitment Officer - Acceptcondition
Scalps! - Spelltargetconditions
Avenging The Fallen - This quest is not supposed to be repeatable on WotLK 3.3.5
Escape Through Force - small adjustments to the escortscript
The Collapse - Add Event
Urok Doomhowl - Summon script
Discovering Your Roots
King of the Foulweald - Improve Quest event
Drop It then Rock It!
To Legion Hold
Translation to Ello - Add End event
Plague This - Kill Credit
Absholutely... Thish Will Work
Throwing Down - Despawn for Nerubian Crater
Souls at Unrest
The Exorcism ( Mage Quest 1955)
Put on Your Best Face for Loken
Send Them Packing
When All Else Fails
Uncommon Scents
Taken in the Night
Something that does not melt
Taken in the Night
Fire Upon the Waters
Bombard the Ballistae
Troll Patrol / Congratulations - Congratulations only available if a version of troll patrol is complete.
Troll Patrol: Can You Dig it?
Troll Patrol: High Standards
Killing Two Scourge with One Skeleton - script turn in event with ghostwing grabbing Olakin Sainrith
Secret of the Circle Thanks to Tkrokli, Kilyana and Nayd
Drag and Drop - The Aldur'thar Sentry will now actually grab the Dark Subjugator and drop of edge,
Survey Alcaz Island
Portals of the Legion
Fel Spirits - The update to gameobjet flags is a hack but this object even though should be clickable should not despawn this is due to been temp spawned by spell.
AllowableClasses for Armaments of War quests
Tremor Totem in LoS
Correct unit flags for some  npcs at Stair of Destiny
Fhwoor Smash!
The Seer's Relic

Fixed Creatures
Parqual Fintallas, Overthane Balargarde,
Stinky + Precious - Add Knockbackimmunity
Pustulating Horror SAI
Koren - Gossip option availability
Estelle Gendry - Gossips
Venomhide Eggs - Add prev quest conditions
Injured Goblin Miner conditional gossip
Sorrow Wing loot
Diremaul North Rndm emotes
Remove skinning loot from non-skinnable beasts.
Frost Freeze Trap - Spellcast should ignore LOS
Update SAI for Razorfen Kraul
Sunblade Mage Guard SAI
Greer Orehammer - Fix this npc once and for all, making sure all gossip options and sai are present.
Peppy Wrongnozzle
Imperial Eagle SAI
Bloodsail Traitor - Add spawnpoint
Add pathing for Moonglade Warden & update aura's for Manifest Nightmare & Phantasmal Lash
Arred SAI
Fix model for Invisible Stalker Grizzly Hills
Baron Geddon and Ragnaros in Molten Core to do pure fire elemental damage with their melee attacks.
Fix dead creatures spawn position on restart
Fix bugs with pets not properly reacquiring target after spell cast.
Finally fix pets spamming Blood Pact/Fel Intelligence in some scenarios. Your eardrums will thank me.
Moon Priestess Amara formation
Recruitment Officer Carven

Fixed Yogg-Saron Portals
Fix small weather system bug
Some more helper methods added. Also, charmed players no longer break crowd control
Moved expiring bans to background task - no longer blocking queries during login by default running every minute.
Performance/security improvements - Changed all db queries to async. Added buffer length checks. Only allow one challenge/proof packet per socket lifetim
Fix display looter in tooltip when FFA loot is enabled.
Fix bug that prevent double spending reset cooldown when duel reset is trigger.
Fix incorrect evade logic
Fix dungeonfinder quests not rewarding.

CalcAbsorbResist: Sanctified Wrath should pierce absorb effects
Fix Kinetic Bomb stuck after knockback effect
Safirdrang's Chill
Fix cooldown check talent Rapture (Priest)
Adjust on-apply dispel behavior of Divine Shield / Ice Block etc.
Silithus Stone spells - Ignore LOS
Fiery Payback - fix an issue where the aura sometimes gets removed
Lock and Load - Procc
Fixed Totemic Mastery (Tier 6 2P) Shaman
Fix incorrect Seal of Righteousness calculation
Rogue Honor Among Thieves
Disallow druid flight form while in shapeshift forms that prevent mounting. No more swimming zombies.
Fix Glyph of Arcane Shot
"Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings" now properly shields targets healed by Glyph of Holy Light, Earth Shield and others.
Glyph of Arcane Shot is affected by own debuffs on target only
Fixed Shadow Crash haste and mana reduce
Fix Spell damage item procs scalling with spellpower

Implemented Book "Soothsaying for dummies", change of engineering/leatherworking specs possible!
Restore correct values for bullet item "Deprecated BKP "Impact" Shot"
Solace of the Defeated/Solace of the Fallen (Normal/Heroic) proc fix
Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter - Scaling
Scarlet Insignia Ring - Questloot
Sealed Tome

Prevent friendly vehicles from trying to attack their rider after dismounting
Fix the hitbox on Cyanigosa's dragon form.
Implement Egbert's running around
Implement Pandaran Monk's pet abilitys
Implement Pandaran Monk followup
Meridith the Mermaiden - Gossip text conditions are inverted, showing the completion gossip without her quest done
Wotlk armor values for melee bosses
Remove immunity to diseases in TBC
Improve Egbert's AI
The Fleshwerks (Phasing)
Implement Baby Blizzard Bear
Update event start dates 2016 for 3.3.5a
Fix Rivern Frostwind Faction change issue
Add target for "Collect Data" and "Bluff" used by Iron Golem

Fix GO group credit
Add 2 missing traps on Icc
Mine Car visible state - Still need some SAI fixing when it resets so it continues the path
Defias Gunpowder - Add Tempsummonspawn
Fix respawn time for quest GO "Daggerfen Poison Manual"
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